Speaking engagements

Most relevant speaker in years

Our team was experiencing a time of change and restructure where there was some uncertainty about what the future was to hold for them. His passion and intensity grabbed the crowd from the beginning. Rashad brought his life experiences to the stage and was our most relevant speaker we have had in years.

Jerramy Hainline

VP of lntegrated Sales Golf Now/Golf Channel

a great speach for all ages

A great speech for people of all ages.His speech inspired me to continuously pursue my goals no matter if people try to bring you down. As I transition from high school to college, I will always remember his speech, especially when I am facing adversity.

Luke Avery

High School Student

hands down One of the best speakers we've ever had!

Rashad Johnson did an out standing job speaking at our recent BaseballBanquet. He has a special way of connecting with young athletes and sharing his message of perseverance that resonates with all ages. Hands down he is one of the best speakers we have ever had!

Belinda Ary

Booster Club President

it takes more than skill

Rashad made me realize that if you want something that is at a really high level that you feel you can’t achieve, sometimes you have to push yourself to the impossible level. It takes more than skill to achieve something, it takes a lot of perseverance and determination. A lot of times failure will bring that perseverance and determination out of you that you thought you never had and that’s when you succeed.

Adrianna Richards

High School Student

He made me better
on and off the field

Rashad’s willingness to help me out not only made me a better football player, but it also showed me that there are people in the world who do good things because they value helping others above everything else. He helped me realize that I could be a ruthless competitor on the football field, and an entirely different person off of it —that there was value in both.


Safety for the Kansas City Chiefs

there's Just something different about rashad

Rashad seemed to just have something different about him and that feeling you felt when you listened to him was electric. I promise to you, the company and my team to get a little grittier every day to make my teammates and myself better. 

Jerramy Hainline

VP of lntegrated Sales Golf Now/Golf Channel